The Berkshire Pork

Our vision is to produce quality animals while maintaining a healthy life balance and harmony with the animals. This presents a challenge, because these days, if we want to stay in the game, we have to be efficient and competitive. That is why we want to keep the balance between work and family priority, with our 4 children : Roxane, Samuel, Yohan et Emmanuel, and their significant others. We have specialized in swine maternity since 1992 and in 2008 we heard about Berkshire pork. It wasn't long before we were convinced to start breeding this rustic lineage. Since then, we have gotten to work doing research in the world of Berkshire pork, about its nutrition, genetics, and towards perfecting it. And, in 2012, we launched into the adventure of producing this magnificent breed, that is: the Berkshire pig.

Berkshire - The Berkshire Pork
Liquid Azote- The Berkshire Pork

The first subjects we bought were from Quebec, in 2013. Then we planned to look elsewhere to buy from other breeders in neighboring provinces and from the United States, to avoid inbreeding. As we got further into our research, we had to face the facts that most breeders did not get veterinary care or genetic monitoring and it didn't make sense to us to do breeding that way. So we set out to get seed from new boars in the Berkshire's country of origin: England, in order to give them back their full genetic potential. After over 13 months of paperwork: application for an importation license, customs, veterinary monitoring, at last in 2014, we were able to get seed from 4 different boars, directly from Ireland.

The first Berkshire females that we bought in Quebec, impregnated with the subjects from England, gave birth in April 2015. We have a stature of high health with monitoring from two veterinarians, an animal health technician, and a nutritionist. Berkshire pigs from Mise-À-Porc Farm are raised with no antibiotics or hormones, but only with natural feed, with no animal fat. Mise-À-Porc Farm's Berkshire pigs are meant to enhance the Berkshire genetics in North America. We classify our breeders by criteria such as: maternal and prolific index, and compliance, in order to preserve the nobility of the breed. Berkshire pork quality is our priority.

Berkshire - The Berkshire Pork

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